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on: 18-04-2019, 06:52:16
Specific Rules of the forum

This forum is dedicated to an adult audience, so to access it you must be over 18 years.

By registering in this community we automatically accept the following rules:

1. You can not have more than one account.

2. Prohibited Content and prohibited:
- Child pornography
- Real rape and humiliation
- Sex with animals
- Scat
- Death.

3. 'excludes any form of spam, including through private messages. And 'it prohibited the distribution of malicious programs and scripts.

4. E 'absolutely forbidden to disclose sensitive information belonging to third parties like:
last names, addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses, IP addresses.

5. And 'forbidden to insult, humiliate and threaten the other forum participants and the team of the administration. E 'unacceptable racial and religious discrimination.

6. And 'forbidden to post advertising of any kind and type if not earlier agreed and authorized by the Administration.

7. Do not post in the wrong section. No republication of any kind.

8. IP Toxic - Anyone listed as toxic in a network of IP (eg. or email address (es. will be BANNED.

9. The forum administrator can not be held responsible for the comments and / or material posted by members of the forum itself operates as careful supervision in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Each vehicle is responsible for the content that is published!

10. Any member fails to comply with the rules described so far will be BANNED permanently from the community. Administrator's judgment is final!

11. Say thank you to the author if you like its contents is a form of courtesy. Report broken links, spam, phishing or other rules violations Administration serves to make the forum more functional.

12. In order to avoid being recognized as Leecher / Lurker/Spammer and then expelled, introduce yourself after you register. After 90 days of "inactivity" (ZERO post) the user, upon notice by the administration, will be deleted from the community.

13. Avatar / Signature - It is allowed to include links in your signature, as long as they point to posts or threads on the forum. You can request an exception to the Administration, by agreeing to include in its own forum linking back to.
The Administration reserves the right to change / disable any signatures and avatars do not comply.

14. Bumping / Post Floods - not publish a series of short messages of "Thank you" in order to increase the number of your posts. This will be interpreted as "Post Flooding" and any message that is designed to violate this rule may be deleted by the moderators.

15. Registrants acknowledge and accept the rules in all its parts and to be of age.

We can move, remove, add or modify your messages, without notice and in our sole discretion. When threads are cleaned do not be surprised if your comments disappear.
We reserve the right to modify the forum rules at any time without prior notice.

Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. We only index and link to content provided by other sites.

Files & Images HOSTS allowed

Limit images & Post limit

For organizational reasons the Topics that have more than 1000 posts will be closed. Please open new Topics.

Posts can not contain more than 8 images.

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