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Title: Files & Images Hosts allowed
Post by: Boss on 18-04-2019, 06:45:42
Files & Images Hosts allowed

All fileshost are accepted as long as operational and downloads should be available to users free, without the need to sign in or register (including filling out questionnaires).
Do not use any redirection service or encryption and do not insert any code around your links (all links must be clickable).

The messeggi should include screenshots and some information about the file to be downloaded, as the file size, video resolution, and duration.

Hosts file Recommended:

( Keep2Share (

( MoneyPlatform (

( Fileboom (

( MexaShare (

Hosts file banned:






For imageshost the same rules mentioned above and also should not be too invasive with popup.

Imagehost Recommended:

( ImageTwist  (

( ImgAdult (

NO ALLOWED link redirects.